15 Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

15 Trends in Bathroom remodeling


Bathroom remodeling trends change all the time. The advent of newer composites of materials allow for more versatility and options of design and style.These are a few of the newest and latest applications of some of these trends.

1.Statement flooring

This is all about giving the tiling in your bathroom remodel and little more personality. Currently, there are multitudes of ways to use tile to make your whole bathroom have a different feel. Complex patterns and colors are a great way to offset solid colors of cabinets. Matte finish tiles are also something different from traditional shiny tile and can add another dimension. Herringbone patterns and mixing color of standard sized tile can offer some variance to keep some needed excitement to tile design.

2.Wood flooring in shower

This accent that has hints of Japanese origin & architecture and is an old school technique making its way back into contemporary bathroom design. Made from Teak wood, as it is the most resistant to water, the slats allow for water to seep down with trickle like relaxing sound sensation. Less splash back is achieved as its not flat as porcelain or tile. Mainly, this is a way to introduce mixed construction type materials to keep an interesting twist to your shower.

3.Same flooring as walls

A new way to offer a different take on using your bathroom space dimensionally, is to use the same floor tile up on the wall. The tile on the floor matching the tile on the wall is usually only to about waist high. This allows for easier clean up and adds some texture and gets you away from the blank old white walls.

4.Frameless glass showers

With a surge in popularity, frameless glass showers are being used in so many different ways. The clearness and and opacity allows it to merge with so many different types of applications. Very sleek and futuristic feels are automatically felt with this entirely “glass box”, however you can apply it to any rustic feeling bathroom and create a whole new dimension of modern and natural style juxtaposition.

5.No hardware

The older style of wood work with ornate carvings are being replaced with flatter surfaces, straighter lines and bold solid faces. This idea of a minimalist approach is also lending the idea of not using hardware as well. With under pulls and overhangs, a drawer can be opened without the need of hardware. Creating a clean open look to the bathroom adds an underlying feeling of spaciousness.

6.Tub in shower

This configurations gives an airy spa like feel to your shower or tub time. Also for space saving this idea works perfect to get both configurations in one bathroom. The added benefit of this any splashing from the tub will go onto the shower floor and down the drain for easy clean up.

7.Complete wall tiling

This is a style of bathroom often referred to as a “wet room” where it is completely covered in tile allowing for complete waterproofing. Also for bathrooms where you have low lighting these tiles are great for reflecting light and use of color can brighten the room in total. Even if just used to bring color on one accent wall this technique can add value to your bathroom at the same time.

8.Mediterranean-Inspired Design

Curved archways, beautiful patterned tiles, sand tones all drenched with sun are the essence of Mediterranean design. Mixed use of multiple patterns with matching color scale can bring a significant amount of ornate intrigue to your bathroom.

9.Smart Storage

Most bathrooms are already working to make the most out of the small space available. With a few changes to classic way of thinking about drawer or shelf function we can drastically alter how much you can store neatly. The space under the sink has generally been unused, where now shelves and drawers can fit under the sink with a little custom design.

10.Off whites and greys

Classic bathrooms of the past are commonly centralized around a sterile stark almost hospital like feel. The old black and white tiling, very blunt and simple, is starting to be replaced by neutral tones. Ivory or light shades of grey can give a completely different but subtle change in feel to a bathroom. For remodeling this is a color pallet that can be used easily to either reface or repaint an existing cabinet and give it a more modern face lift. This also helps to not show as much wear, tear or dirt as a blank white surface will. Allowing for some aging to go unnoticed. This also provides a less intense and more relaxed feel to your bathroom in general.

11.Brass and Gold fixtures

This is a look that making a comeback from an old fashioned look and is the perfect complement to the cooler gray and off white colors that have also been popular in recent years. The warm gold tone add just the right amount of depth, dimension, and luxury feel to any space.Homeowners love the change to warmer accents with the brass/gold toned bathroom fixtures versus the traditional shiny polished chrome which give your bathroom a cool, more modern, and sleek feel.

12.Minimalist cabinet faces

Generally wood is the most commonly used material in most bathrooms-where glass and other materials generally stay in the kitchen. The materiel hasn’t changed but how the design looks has shifted in these recent years. Straight, simple design has forged past the ornate and pattern heavy cabinet faces of past. Gone are the embellished floral shaped knobs and incoming are flatter-straight simple pieces of hardware-if any at all. More emphasis on clean lines and flat surfaces. This give the feeling of less clutter and more open feeling to an area that is generally one of the smaller rooms in the house

13.Mixed colors or two toned

A new trend in cabinets is to used different colors or stains for different sections of the cabinets. Traditionally the cabinets put in place are all the same material, color and all conformed to the same aesthetic. This has changed as cabinets as showing up more and more with two toned scheme or sometimes referred as tuxedo style. This is where the top set of cabinets are a different color than the bottom ones. New trends in those off whites above vs. a strong blue or bold color on the bottom are allowing designers to break up the room into parts. This adds a uniqueness and allows for usage of a  bolder color without saturating the room in it.

14.Integrative functionality

As technology evolves our bathroom morning rituals now require plugging and unplugging of hair dryers, curlers, electric toothbrushes, shavers, lit vanity mirrors–the list can go on. Cords can get tangled and are a real eyesore to all the work put into making the bathroom look amazing. This has ushered in the newest idea of using a drawer to house electrical outlets. The drawer would have a deep basket or pull out inside to hold the electrical component. You could pull out the drawer with hair dryer plugged in to it–so just open and close and all is held inside. Some cabinets are featuring USB ports to connect to speaker systems for those who like music in the shower or whatever. These are just some of the newer possibilities available to cater to a certain function that a homeowner needs.

15.Heated tile and towel warmers

For a long time these were considered luxury items, but as technology advances, these items become more consumer available. Heated tile is becoming easier to install and this allows for a cheaper installation. Heated towel drawers and sometimes small refrigerators can also be added to some vanities for certain medicines or organic facial cleansing remedies.

These are just a few of the endless possibilities that New Look Refacing and More can offer to any homeowner. Weather its a new build or a remodel New Look has you covered with all the latest trends and styles for your bathroom. Give us a call and let us create the bathroom you always wanted.


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