All Your Cabinetry Needs Under One Roof

Our Locally Family Owned Cabinet Company Offers Amazing, High-Quality Services and Products at Affordable Prices. Whether you are looking to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom, we will help you design the space of your dreams!

Why Choose New Look Cabinets?

  • Established in 2014, we are a family owned and operated cabinet company. We take great pride in providing exceptional, personalized service that is second to none. As the owners of the company we are involved in the installation process every step of the way. We oversee the projects personally from start to finish (very few companies can say that).
  • First and foremost we listen to our clients. We don’t have an agenda. Our goal is to bring your dream kitchen or bath to life. If you can dream it we can make it happen.
  • New cabinet installation, refacing and/or repainting shouldn’t be a big mystery to a home owner. From the first day you meet with us to the final day of your installation we communicate with you every step of the way.
  • If you are having difficulty visualizing your new kitchen or bath we offer complete design support, ideas and recommendations. If you decide to purchase new cabinetry we provide a professional 3D rendering so you can visualize what your dream kitchen and/or bath is going to look like before we start.
  • We understand the impact that a home renovation project can have on your daily lives so we work to minimize the time your home is “under construction”. We work diligently to reduce the disruptions to your lifestyle.
  • The quality of our products and our prices are unmatched and our installers are the absolute BEST in the industry.
  • We can do it all – New cabinetry, refacing or repainting/restaining your existing cabinets, counter tops, back splashes, and more. We will work with you as little or as much as you would like us to. Each and every project is customized to your specific wants and needs.

Our Dedication


“We always encourage our clients to compare pricing because we can give them completely new cabinets for just slightly more than refacing – and for much less than you will find with our competitors. In fact, we had one client who came to us with a budget of $10,000. She’d been quoted almost twice that for refacing so she thought that was her only option. We were able to give her all NEW cabinets plus new countertops and a backsplash, all within her budget! She was absolutely thrilled! Helping our clients love their kitchens and bathrooms again is incredibly rewarding and fun! It feels great to make such a difference in people’s homes.”

Marva Cooper

Owner and Design Consultant


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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform our client’s kitchens and bathrooms into the showplace of their dreams. We are committed to providing the best possible outcome at the most reasonable price by giving each client a sales, service and installation process that is second to none. On a regular basis we continually strive to:




[accordion tabs=”‹º›{‹²›tab_title‹²›:‹²›REPLACING with new cabinets‹²›,‹²›tab_content‹²›:‹²›New cabinets allow each homeowner the opportunity to completely change the look and layout of their kitchen or bathroom. They can also stay with the identical layout. The key is that they have options. ‹ª›r‹ª›n‹¨›br‹˜›‹ª›r‹ª›n‹¨›div style‹´›‹ª›‹²›margin-bottom:20px‹ª›‹²›‹˜› ‹¨›/div‹˜›‹ª›r‹ª›n‹º›button label‹´›‹ª›‹²›More About Replacing‹ª›‹²› link‹´›‹ª›‹²›‹´›350‹ª›‹²› target‹´›‹ª›‹²›_self‹ª›‹²› color‹´›‹ª›‹²›color‹ª›‹²› __fw_editor_shortcodes_id‹´›‹ª›‹²›1d580703f5533d416462839616b07683‹ª›‹²› _fw_coder‹´›‹ª›‹²›aggressive‹ª›‹²›‹¹›‹º›/button‹¹›‹²›},{‹²›tab_title‹²›:‹²›REFACING Your Existing Cabinets‹²›,‹²›tab_content‹²›:‹²›REFACING Your Existing Cabinets – Cabinet refacing involves replacing or veneering your cabinet exterior. The cabinet boxes remain in place, but receive a new finish with veneer while your drawer fronts and cabinet doors are replaced.‹ª›r‹ª›n‹¨›br‹˜›‹ª›r‹ª›n‹¨›div style‹´›‹ª›‹²›margin-bottom:20px‹ª›‹²›‹˜› ‹¨›/div‹˜›‹ª›r‹ª›n‹º›button label‹´›‹ª›‹²›More About Refacing‹ª›‹²› link‹´›‹ª›‹²›‹´›253‹ª›‹²› target‹´›‹ª›‹²›_self‹ª›‹²› color‹´›‹ª›‹²›color‹ª›‹²› __fw_editor_shortcodes_id‹´›‹ª›‹²›1d580703f5533d416462839616b07683‹ª›‹²› _fw_coder‹´›‹ª›‹²›aggressive‹ª›‹²›‹¹›‹º›/button‹¹›‹²›},{‹²›tab_title‹²›:‹²›REPAINT/RESTAIN Your Existing Cabinets‹²›,‹²›tab_content‹²›:‹²›Our painting team will remove all doors and drawer fronts, take them off site for sanding, priming, and repainting or restaining. The team then tapes the boxes and spray paints them in your kitchen.‹ª›r‹ª›n‹¨›br‹˜›‹ª›r‹ª›n‹¨›div style‹´›‹ª›‹²›margin-bottom:20px‹ª›‹²›‹˜› ‹¨›/div‹˜›‹ª›r‹ª›n‹º›button label‹´›‹ª›‹²›More About Repainting‹ª›‹²› link‹´›‹ª›‹²›‹´›225‹ª›‹²› target‹´›‹ª›‹²›_self‹ª›‹²› color‹´›‹ª›‹²›color‹ª›‹²› __fw_editor_shortcodes_id‹´›‹ª›‹²›1d580703f5533d416462839616b07683‹ª›‹²› _fw_coder‹´›‹ª›‹²›aggressive‹ª›‹²›‹¹›‹º›/button‹¹›‹²›},{‹²›tab_title‹²›:‹²›AND MORE! SERVICES‹²›,‹²›tab_content‹²›:‹²›Kitchens and Bathrooms are not the only spaces in your home that have cabinetry. Our expert cabinetry skills extend into livingrooms, bedrooms, foyers, garages, and more!‹ª›r‹ª›n‹¯›nbsp;‹ª›r‹ª›n‹¨›div style‹´›‹ª›‹²›margin-bottom:20px‹ª›‹²›‹˜› ‹¨›/div‹˜›‹ª›r‹ª›n‹º›button label‹´›‹ª›‹²›and More! Services‹ª›‹²› link‹´›‹ª›‹²›‹´›344‹ª›‹²› target‹´›‹ª›‹²›_self‹ª›‹²› color‹´›‹ª›‹²›color‹ª›‹²› __fw_editor_shortcodes_id‹´›‹ª›‹²›1d580703f5533d416462839616b07683‹ª›‹²› _fw_coder‹´›‹ª›‹²›aggressive‹ª›‹²›‹¹›‹º›/button‹¹›‹²›}‹¹›” __fw_editor_shortcodes_id=”5adff994e116aed6cf66e0f8de80021f” _array_keys=”{‹²›tabs‹²›:‹²›tabs‹²›}” _fw_coder=”aggressive”][/accordion]

New Look Gives Back


New Look believes in giving back to the community that is helping to make them successful. They make a financial donation to Healing4Heroes™ at the completion of your project.