Top 10 Bathroom Organization Ideas

Most homeowners are generally looking for chances to maximize the usage of the space in every way possible.The bathroom is generally an area where space can become limited and squeezing in as much as you can takes some creativity. Just buying small storage pieces may not fit perfectly in the space you have allotted. Installing something to the exact dimensions of your bathroom can be a better use of your space and get more bang for your buck. These are some creative ways to install functional storage in ways you might not have thought of before!

1.Interior Door Storage

So you already have some cabinets in your bathroom, and you have maximized the wall space allowed to reasonably fit more storage units. Well, how about the inside door of your cabinets? Thin pouch like storage can be mounted on the back of the cabinet door. These can even be made from the same wood as the door in order to match and become a permanent fixture to your bathroom cabinet doors

2.Under cabinet shelving

If you have a sink that is built into a stand alone cabinet generally there is a space for storage below. As there is usually pipes that connect to the sink sometimes there can be an opportunity to use some of this open space with built-in shelves. You can custom fit the shelves to intertwine between the sink pipes to maximize the amount of storage getting use out of every inch.

3. Over the toilet cabinet/towel bar

The basics to any bathroom is of course is the toilet. The width of the tank creates a space above toilet that generally doesn’t get used. This area is perfect for a medicine cabinet type build out. The depth is generally even deeper than an average medicine cabinet allowing for storage of larger things. Another great idea is to attach a towel rack to the bottom of this cabinet for small hand towels or even use a bar to hold toilet paper if the wall space is limited for mounting a dispenser.

4.Drawers with power for beauty devices

This is the latest idea of integrative cabinetry which involves installing power outlets inside your cabinet or drawer. The idea is that instead of plugging and unplugging after every use the hairdryer, curling iron,or beauty maintenance product can just be put into the drawer that has the outlets built in. No fussing with storing elsewhere and dealing with having enough plugs for your stuff, these are usually built out with more than just two plugs. Like permanently installing a power strip in your drawer or cabinet, this can be super helpful.

5.Under sink lazy Susan

Under the sink storage is common and we discussed custom shelving built however the depth of the sink storage is usually pretty deep. This makes it hard to reach some things that could be at the back of this cabinet. Here is where a lazy Susan can really help and allow you to spin the stuff from the back to where you can reach very easily. The traditional round lazy Susan have been updated to use the exact shape of the area that is needed.

6.Recessed storage shelves between the studs

This creative idea can add a unique look to your bathroom and open some space on your wall. Cutting into the wall can be tricky finding the exact location of where you have empty space between the studs, but once installed,can look amazing. By using the negative space in the wall you are maximizing the use of an available area and creates a new dimension of character to your bathroom.

7.Wrap around cabinet for a pedestal sink

So if you have a bathroom that has a pedestal style of sink, and the style of the pedestal is not something you are trying to accentuate, then why not use that space being wasted below it? Cabinets can be built out to wrap around the pedestal and form fitted to smoothly connect to base of the sink. Normally in any under sink storage you’ve got pipes to contend with and the pedestal can functionally keep these pipes neatly hidden so shelves will connect seamlessly.

8.Install a picture ledge above the sink

Sometimes we all need a quick grab of a toothbrush or tweezers as we gaze directly into the mirror. Why not install a small “picture-type”  ledge directly below the mirror for small items that are in daily use. Without having to store them they are out and ready for use, this little ledge will be very helpful. There is generally a small space between the sink and the mirror that is unused and is perfect for this little organizational idea.

9.Convert an old drawer into mini storage

This is a neat way to recycle an old drawer from maybe a vintage piece that has some nice wood used in its original conception. Maybe some fancy handles or hardware on the drawer give it some personality. By taking the drawer and hanging it flat onto you wall you can create a medicine cabinet type of build and adding small horizontal shelves you can create a very unique looking wall storage unit.

10.Skinny bathroom floor pull out cabinet

In most bathrooms the toilet is placed into a corner of the bathroom. This usually leaves so unused area between the toilet and the wall or the toilet and the sink. This is a great spot for a skinny cabinet. These can be built to have a vertical pull out drawer type system. This is a perfect place for storing toilet paper,plungers or toilet brushes. Some of these can be bought but getting one install to your exact space would be the best way to maximize your space.

For this and many other great cabinet ideas, contact New Look Cabinets. We specialize in many different ways to get the most out of your bathroom cabinets. Using your space properly and obtaining maximum functionality out of your home is our goal!

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