Top 10 Ideas For Kitchen Organization

For any homeowner designing a kitchen, many factors need to come into play. Color, design, functionality, comfort are important but without proper organization the kitchen can be cluttered and dysfunctional. The kitchen is a place that is used all day everyday. It has to work efficiently but still have a level of comfort. Organization is key to make your kitchen perfect. Here are some great ideas to make your kitchen amazing!


1. Hooks in cabinet

Often times in cabinets plates are stacked and cups are lined on the floor of the cabinet. Often this leaves room above the plates that can be anywhere from 4-6 inches of unused space. By hanging hooks above them, inside the cabinet you will be able to take advantage of this unused space.


2. Filing pans vertically with dividers

So most baking pans or cookie sheets are wide, and when they are stacked horizontally, space is still left over on top of the stack or pans leaving an unused area above them. Why not shrink the width of the cabinet, and install dividers in order to stack them vertically? This will allow you to make better use of your cabinet space and make room for other items.

3. Blind corner cabinet

In the kitchen with cabinets being installed in any corner there tends to be a space that is inaccessible by the door. This makes for a deep reach that makes things in the back become difficult to reach. This is called a blind corner. Recently the idea of installing two separate sliding racks, one to slide out and the other to slide over, will allowing you to reach those pots and pans way back in this blind corner.

4. Inner cabinet door storage or hooks

The cabinets are the central storage units for any kitchen. Many designs and configurations can be made for their shape and size but using the empty space on the back of the doors are usually not used. Small thin pocket storage or even hooks can be installed to use this available space. This can double the amount of usage per cabinet!


5. Thin wall mounted dish rack

Sometimes you want to get some storage that still shows off your fine china or special plates like a glass front armoire,however you don’t have enough room for a large piece of furniture. This is where a thinner vertical type shelf is perfect. By standing plates vertically they will still be visible and can help you save space at the same time.


6. Cabinet or shelved island

Every kitchen has more value to the chef when there is an island installed. Plenty of prep room and space to lay out your ingredients for a well planned meal. This island although helpful, can take up a lot of precious space in the kitchen. With only the top needed for prep and cooking, what’s below can be a massive area of wasted space. Why not make the whole island into cabinets? With all that space you will have no problem storing everything you need right where you will be using it.


7. Inset and open door cabinets

Cabinets are generally a uniform box square unit with a door and some type of hardware. This uniform and boxy traditional look can limit you to a certain aesthetic and limit its functionality for some things. A new idea to apply to cabinets is mixing up the style by having some of the cabinet without doors. Maybe you want the doors to cover the upper things you don’t access as much so the bottom doesn’t need doors for things you grab at a comfortable level and use daily. You can go as far as removing the walls and essentially making it a shelf between the cabinets to break up the design and make it have an open feel to your cabinets.


8. See through cabinetry

The idea of having glass windows on your cabinet door has been around for a while.The ability to see what you need before you open the door is extremely helpful. The next step to this evolution is being able to make not only the door see through-but also the cabinet itself. This looks really good on a cabinet set that is floating in a kitchen and not against the wall. With see through glass on every side, you get a open feel to the kitchen and you can see everything you need without question. This look is very dramatic and can add value to any kitchen.


9. Lazy Susan

This is a no brainer. For any one who has lots of smaller items like spices a lazy Susan placed at eye level is the thing for you. Lazy Susan can be permanently installed in many places. These are also very helpful in corner cabinets that have a blind corner, making some of that area difficult to reach.


10. Slide out shelving

Slide out shelving is a perfect install for lower deeper and larger cabinets in the kitchen. Pots and pans that may have some weight can be easily slid out on rollers instead of having to get down low and reach deep for a heavy item. Some slide out shelving can be a mesh metal material, some can be made in the same wood grain and stain to match the finish of the cabinets. This is a great back saver and a super easy install that will add value and organization to you kitchen


For this and many other great kitchen ideas, contact New Look Cabinets. We specialize in many different ways to get the most out of your kitchen cabinets. Using your space properly and obtaining maximum functionality out of your kitchen is our goal.